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Rebirthing Royalty

This transformative coaching expedition, led by Linda Jones, The Writing Doula, will empower you to maintain your health and well-being by utilizing the tools of creative expression, mindfulness, and culturally-relevant approaches for self-governance and healing.

Inaugural series launches January, 2024!


Rebirthing Royalty is for you if you want to:

  • Navigate grief and manage emotions.

  • Regain confidence and release negative beliefs.

  • Process your thoughts and gain clarity.

  • Unleash your ability to self-govern.

  • Manage stress through mind and body connection

  • Practice radical self-care as a lifestyle.

  • Unapologetically embrace your identity.

  • Discover your purpose and enjoy the majesty of your Queenage years!

Rebirthing Royalty Rites

Drop the energy-depleting mantle of being a Superwoman and assume your regal role as a Queen!

The 'royalty rites' in this coaching series will empower you to practice radical self-care and authentic living so you can regain confidence, stand firm in your power, and take control of your destiny.


Other Rebirth Services

The Rebirth Writing Experience


Spend seven weeks combining reflective and expressive writing with mindfulness techniques to gain clarity and enhance emotional intelligence and well-being.  You will develop a dispensary of personal writing practices to address your needs and promote ongoing self-care.

Rebirth In the Clearing Retreat


A radical rest and restorative healing retreat for Black women, held Memorial Day Weekend 2023 at Blackland Ranch, Commerce Texas

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