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Rebirthing Royalty

A Path to Wellness for Self-Care Queens!

Rebirthing Royalty is a restorative coaching program that empowers Black women to live authentically, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and rebound from intergenerational trauma and emotional setbacks with resilience, so they can thrive.  Led by Writing and Wellness doula Linda Jones, the program utilizes evidence-based mindfulness, somatic and creative healing strategies to foster self-care and wellness as a practice for everyday life.  Rebirthing Royalty aims to empower Black women to reject the mythical and self-neglecting superhero mindset and become self-nurturing Queens of their health and well-being. 

Rebirthing Royalty

Rebirthing Royalty is for you if you want to:

  • Break free from the Superwoman Syndrome of overwork and self-neglect 

  • Rebound from grief and emotional setbacks.

  •  Release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

  • Embrace relaxation and rest.

  • Manage workplace microaggressions and stress.

  • Discover your purpose.

  • Embrace your authenticity.

Rebirthing Royalty

Rebirthing Royalty Rites

Royalty Rites are 7 wellness practices of Rebirthing Royalty:

Rebirthing Royalty

Grounding:  Learn spiritual, cultural, environmental and ritual practices to find calmness and stability when facing disturbing situations.

Journaling: Exploring techniques of expressive and reflective journaling as transformative tools for healing.

Remembering: Remember and honor ancestral connections and spirituality. Reflect on culture and traditions to strengthen identity.

Discovering: Uncover hidden patterns and beliefs that hinder personal growth. Explore healthier responses to mitigate impact of workplace stress and other life challenges. 

Releasing: Engage in evidence-based methods of letting go of trauma, grief, and limiting beliefs. Recall past events to process unresolved emotions.

Replenishing: Infuse mindfulness and creative wellness strategies to design your own wellness and self-care practice.

Honoring:  Celebrate your rebirth and stand in your power as queens of your self care. Take inventory and honor your commitment to practice mind and body wellness, live authentically, and maintain your well-being without apology.

Other Rebirth Services

The Rebirth Writing Experience

Rebirthing Royalty

Spend seven weeks combining reflective and expressive writing with mindfulness techniques to gain clarity and enhance emotional intelligence and well-being.  You will develop a dispensary of personal writing practices to address your needs and promote ongoing self-care.

Rebirth In the Clearing Retreat

Rebirthing Royalty

A radical rest and restorative healing retreat for Black women, held Memorial Day Weekend 2023 at Blackland Ranch, Commerce Texas

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