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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between therapy and wellness coaching? 

In short, therapy is working on what has happened in the past and wellness coaching is working on what is currently happening with your health and well-being and taking actions to maintain it.


What is an emotional wellness doula or coach?

As an emotional wellness doula or coach, I  focus on helping clients use creative and cathartic coping strategies to rebound from emotional setbacks, build resilience, and help them achieve personal and emotional goals.  I do not diagnose or treat mental health disorders but can provide information about resources upon request.


What is a writing doula?

A writing doula is a coach who can metaphorically speaking,  help clients ‘give birth’ to the power of their writing.  More directly, we are coaches who are skilled in teaching clients how to write better so they can become better communicators and storytellers.  My writing doula services also include teaching clients how to tap into the healing aspects of writing and use it as a cathartic and therapeutic tool to foster better health and well-being.


Why do I need a writing and wellness doula or coach? 

We are like best friends who will firmly help you move forward when you are too emotionally incapacitated to do it on your own. We serve as supportive guides, teachers, and accountability partners to keep you focused on gaining clarity so you can self-govern and manifest positive changes in your life. 


What will you coach me on?

As your writing and wellness doula, I will coach you on how to use creative and authentic approaches to experience an emotional rebirth and maintain your health and well-being. As a certified Grief Recovery Method practitioner, I can provide private coaching for clients who may require one-on-one support.  

The process of emotional healing can be an intense and sometimes uncomfortable experience, but it is well worth the effort and investment in a coach who can support you through the process.  It can be much more rewarding than trying to do it alone.


What should I expect when we work together?

You can expect to work with a nonjudgmental partner who will treat you with dignity, discernment, and respect.  I create safe and sacred spaces so that my clients can feel comfortable to express freely and release what is causing them pain.  I will also guide them in creating a plan for maintaining their emotional wellness.


My Rebirthing Royalty group coaching will be held once a week live via Zoom for 90 minutes for 10 to 12 weeks.  There will be an additional one-hour optional Open Expression session held once a week.  The coaching series also includes a sequence of recorded teaching sessions.  


What knowledge base does Rebirthing Royalty draw from? 

 My knowledge base consists of my own training and expertise in writing, grief support, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness practices, as well as research and information gleaned from the expertise of leading social psychologists, trauma-informed therapists, healers, spiritualists, African ancestral scholars, and wisdom keepers. 


What would success look like for me?

That will be different for everyone. I will coach and teach you and support you in setting your desired goals.  I will encourage you to stay the course so that you can be successful and be able to enjoy the quality of life that you deserve.

Do you guarantee results?

No. What I guarantee is keeping my commitment to provide you with the tools that will help improve your emotional health and wellness. The results are up to you.  Show up with an open mind for coaching, and a willingness to take action as advised and the results may surprise you. 


Can I get a refund?

No.  There is no refund once you commit to investing in your well-being.  If you choose not to attend sessions, that is your decision. I will do my part as your coach. 


Can I reschedule my sessions?

Yes, I understand that absences due to illness, vacation, or unexpected emergencies can happen.  If I am coaching you in private sessions we can arrange for a reschedule within a two-week period.  Live group sessions cannot be rescheduled. 

If something comes up that causes me to miss a scheduled session, you will not lose that time. 


How do I pay you?

I will send an invoice and will accept payment by major credit card or via Zelle.  If you are making incremental payments for a coaching series, the payment should be made by credit card so the scheduled payments can be made automatically.

How can I reach you in between sessions?

You can email me between sessions at 

I will respond to your email during weekday business hours. 

If you’re ready to move forward, I look forward to working with you.

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