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Afrobituary Legacy Writing Course

On demand, self-paced course that teaches two aspects of legacy writing--how to draft obituaries for yourself and family members and how to write legacy letters to give as family heirloom gifts. 

Course fee: $97

Family Scribes

Copyright 2023 The Writing Doula

Family Scribes: Writing Memories for your Family Tree!

Family Scribes is a multi-generational game where relatives and close friends play a part in remembering stories and capturing them in writing! Family Scribes is not a game of competition; it’s a memory-stimulating series of timed-writing activities that culminate in storytelling. Everyone who participates wins! 

Family Scribes Paperback: $15

ADVISORY: Do NOT purchase the Kindle version on Amazon. Their conversion layout is of very poor quality!  Best option is to purchase the paperback or my pdf version.

Family Scribes

Family Scribes PDF

Don't want to wait for the book version of Family Scribes to arrive in the mail?  Download a PDF version for less!

 Family Scribes PDF: $9.99

Final Story

Final Story Obituary Planner

The Final Story Obituary Planner is a handy guide to help you prepare your obituary in draft form and ease the burden on your loved ones later! The planner also offers tips on how to write a Final Story personal essay.


Once the planner is completed with information about your life, experiences and achievements, it becomes a useful reference for creating a fitting eulogy or memorial tribute and a resourceful document for family history and genealogical use.


The planner contents are: ~Step-by-step instructions for writing a high-quality obituary draft. ~ Formatted guide sheets to help organize the writing.


Final Story: $15

Final Story

Final Story PDF 

Don't want to wait for the book version of Final Story to arrive in the mail? Download a PDF version for less!

Final Story PDF 9.99

Hair Culture

The Writing Doula

Nappyisms: Affirmations for nappy-headed people & Wannabes!

"Linda gets to the root of the situation and she won't rest 'till you stop relaxing!" -- Erykah Badu

Nappyisms is a naturally-rooted potpourri of affirmations, advice, humor, essays and anecdotes about natural hair issues and African inspired hairstyles!  Written  by journalist Linda Jones, founder of A Nappy Hair Affair, you will learn how to govern yourselves in the presence of nappy-headed people (nappy headiquette), aspirational sayings (napfirmations) witty retorts for nappy hair haters (snapbacks) and you will even learn how to speak nappy lingo from the Naptionary in the back of the book! 


    $20 (price covers shipping/handling)

Snap Backs

Snap Backs! Verbal Ammunition for those
who 'dis your 'do!

Those with or without naturally kinky hair textures and wear African-inspired styles, will enjoy this arsenal of witty little retorts that you can use whenever someone makes ignorant comments about their hairstyle choice. Neutralize verbal attacks with a clever snap back! 

Only 99 cents!

Collector's Items

The Writing Doula

Historic South Africa 1994 Election Ballots

These ballot sets are collector's items and symbols of the historic 1994 multiracial elections when Nelson Mandela became South Africa's first Black president!


The Writing Doula

Uppitee! Affirmative Merch

Promoting products that motivate, educate, and inspire! Rapunzel Remix t-shirt celebrates images of Black women who are bald by nature or by choice! 

T-shirt: $24.99

Other Products

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