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I am the doula you didn't know you needed. 

My work as a transformational writing and wellness doula is informed by my experience as an award-winning career journalist, certified grief recovery method specialist, mindfulness practitioner, former Vipassana student, workshop facilitator, author, and performance artist.

Along with my signature Rebirth coaching services, for Black women, I provide writing and legacy consultation for a multicultural clientele.

Linda Jones



“The Rebirth experience is what I needed to remind myself that I am worth it. I learned to write through the pain, to face the past, and to find power in standing up to the things that I thought had defeated me. Ms. Linda took me on a journey of self-rediscovery.”

Stacey Givens,
Plano, Texas

“I was in a deeply troubled state after divorcing and experiencing my mom’s death. Praise theLord, Linda Jones worked with me on how to manage the enormous grief I felt in the pit of my stomach. Her gentle, soothing voice and easily followed directions help me understand and work with the feelings I had I also loved how gentle she was with me. I never felt hurried, or embarrassed. And when I didn’t understand, she sweetly gave examples and other tools to help me get to the right place. Truly remarkable program from a caring woman.”

Julie Mitchell
Richardson, Texas


"I met Linda when I was in a dark, dark place and didn’t know whether I was coming or going.  From our first conversation I felt that I could be safe and vulnerable with her.   She taught me how to write to express myself and taught me words that helped me describe and understand my emotions, and that it was okay to grieve because it was a natural thing to do.   I am forever grateful to have worked with the Writing Doula.  Her teaching has transformed my life."  

Rochelle Ratchel

DeSoto, Texas


Linda Jones compels you to face your trauma, face your grief, face your mountain--through the written word--

and climb.


The Rebirth Writing Experience is as much for the brave as it is for the faint-of-heart.

I'm a better man, and a more focused writer because of it.

                                                 Reginald Hanna, Houston

Working with Linda helped me move past hurts that I carried for decades and create new ways forward.  

Rebirth is a full rejuvenation. And it's freaking amazing!

                                                            Melissa Mudd, Dallas


You are my inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is one sentence to change a person's life. You did that for me.

                                      Rachelle Spencer, Rockwall, Texas

On Writing to Heal

Past Engagements & Media

 Some of my work and media features

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