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The Writing Doula

Writing & wellness coaching

I am a writing and wellness doula.  I provide coaching that supports writing and storytelling, legacy keeping, and emotional health and well-being.

I specialize in providing restorative work-life balance coaching for Black women affected by stress and overwhelm.

The Writing Doula

Writing & emotional wellness coaching for midlife Black women

I help midlife Black women give birth to the healing
power of creativity and mindful authenticity to recover from grief, microaggressions, intersectionality and other emotionally-challenging events, so they can rediscover their joy, embrace their royal magic, and become ruling Queens of their destiny.

You appear tired and weary, like the world is weighing you down. Where’s your joy? Your laughter? What happened to your crown?

I get it. No matter how superhuman you try to be, life challenges can take its toll. Because you are a warrior, you show up anyway, even though you feel tired, uninspired, stressed and feeling blue.

You deserve happiness. You deserve rest. As your emotional wellness doula,I can help you get back to

feeling your best.

Personal growth

Hey Queen,

I see those bags that you are carrying. Such a heavy load.

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I can see you in the valley...

I know that many of you are..

You are reeling from the death of a loved one, end of a relationship or other losses but so busy being strong for others that you neglect your own pain.
You are emotionally depleted and sick and tired of feeling weary and burdened with life challenges.
Navigating Microagressions
Workplace bias and intersectional discrimination have left you feeling diminished, without confidence and questioning your self-worth.
Feeling Stuck
Anxiety about aging and empty nest blues have you wondering about your purpose and feeling uncertain about next steps.

Here's the truth

The valley is no place for Queens to dwell.

Languishing there can diminish your mental, emotional, and physical health.

I am no stranger to being in an emotional valley.

When I lost my son to stillbirth after carrying him full term, my grief was so deep that I thought I would perish.

Writing became my emotional lifeline. By pouring my pain from my pen into my journal I found stabilizing comfort and a cathartic outlet to help myself heal.

I later wove other creative and spiritual practices into my self-care regimen to maintain my mental health and well-being.


As I played a supporting role in my own recovery, I wanted to help others do the same. Gratefully, I have spent nearly two decades providing writing and coaching services for a diverse mix of clients - including introverted artists, the formerly incarcerated, survivors of domestic abuse, and the caste-oppressed Dalit community from India. I am excited to continue my practice with a specific focus on providing healing support for Black women through my new coaching series called "Rebirthing Royalty: A Path to Wellness for Reigning Queens."

Wellness Coaching
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